The acknowledgments obtained demonstrate the commitment of P.S.A. GROUP in giving substance to the Policies for Quality, Health and Safety attesting the reliability of the Management Systems that are applied with the contribution of the people who work there.

P.S.A. GROUP’s services have been awarded by the Italian Ministry of Defense and by the United Nations with the certification of high quality standards.
With NATO AN140 code, P.S.A. GROUP was acknowledged as a successful partner in providing security services to NATO bases in Italy, to the Government of the United States and to National Defense of NATO Countries.
Certification UNGM 395498 allows P.S.A. GROUP to provide its unique services all those organizations and offices that are affiliated to the UN System or that act on its behalf.

With the 8/10/2007 bill that oversees the use of sport events stewards, the Italian Ministry of Interior has defined the legal framework and guidelines to operate in support of Law Enforcement with tasks that range from crowd security management, gates and stewarding at sport locations during major events.
P.S.A. GROUP has achieved the Italian Ministry of Interior the certification to act as an educational body and therefore empowered to organize professional training for “stewarding” personnel deployed at sport events.


P.S.A.GROUP has obtained the registration to the National Register of Research of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, with the aim of organizing and managing training and refresher courses for the military and civilians employed in the missions abroad.



P.S.A. GROUP has been awarded by SPS CERT in Lugano (CH) with the ISO 9001:2015 certifications for the quality of its services, and has been certificade by SPS CERT in Lugano (CH) with the ISO 29990:2010 for the quality of its training.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 29990:2010